We have helped various charities in the North West

Bury Hospice

"We received £5,000 from the Foundation to support our bereavement services which includes our Sunflower Support Service. Our aim is to help children through their journey of grief as they try to make sense of what is going on. It provides an opportunity for them to explore their feelings, express their emotions, share memories and develop resilience through the use of creative activities such as arts and crafts, games and stories. The parents appreciate the time to share their experiences together, share any concerns about their child’s response to grief and normalise these reactions. We are so very grateful to the foundation for your generosity, you have made a huge difference to so many lives"

Lisa Buckley, Senior Corporate and Community Fundraiser, Bury Hospice. *Picture is of Chris Green , Bereavement Counsellor

Child Bereavement UK

"We were delighted to receive a generous donation of £3,000 from UKH Foundation to support our service in Cheshire, which provides vital bereavement support to children, young people and families. Throughout the pandemic our focus has been ensuring families have not been left unsupported and we have continued to support both families and professionals. This has only been made possible by the support of generous donors such as UKH Foundation which has enabled us to provide vital support to bereaved families affected directly by the pandemic and other causes."

Sandy Thomson, Trusts and Grants Fundraiser

Blessing in Disguise

"We will ensure that all monies and donations received are used to provide a range of life enhancing experiences, equipment and toys which will make a significant impact in improving the quality of life for many children and young people and their families/carer’s and allow them to enjoy treasured memories to share. On behalf of everyone at Blessing in Disguise, I'd like to thank you for your support."

Climbing Out

Last week we ran the Climbing Out programme that was part funded by a donation from UKH North West. The programme took place in the Lake District, and we had 13 participants involved, all from the police, fire and ambulance services, the NHS or the military, and all who had been through a life changing trauma. We’re very aware about the impact the programmes can have, but last week surpassed all expectations. Many of the participants had complex PTSD and had received several other forms of counselling or therapy that had had no or little impact on their recovery. To see the growth and development of these individuals last week was both emotional, powerful, and made the Climbing Out team incredibly proud.