Guidance for applying to us

We are pleased to be able to support so many causes so vital to the communities of the North West of England. However, there are some criteria surrounding which applications we are able to consider. Please read this first to ensure that your request meets this.

The Charitable Foundation is run by four trustees, who work in a voluntary capacity. The Trustees decide which good causes will benefit from the Charitable Foundation’s support in line with our overall mission and aim.

Donation requests we can consider:
The Charitable Foundation supports registered charities based in the UK where people living in the North West of England benefit. It is preferable if applicants can outline how the donation will be used.  Specific tangible items or activities allow us to have a clearer understanding as opposed to general running costs.

Consideration will be given to charities whose objectives are:

  • To benefit those living in the North West of England
  • To improve health and mental well-being.
  • If requests are made for equipment, it should be used directly by beneficiaries and anticipate that the charity becomes the owner of that equipment, responsible for the on-going upkeep and maintenance. 

Please use the form provided according to the word limits.
We cannot make donations:

  • To non-registered charities, individuals or large national charities.

Please note: following a successful application, a charity must wait 1 year before re-applying. If an application was unsuccessful a charity must wait 2 years before re-applying.

Making an application:

  1. Complete the donation request form (hyperlink to this) you will receive a confirmation email on submission.
  2. Our Board of Trustees will review each application against our overall aims as listed on the Charities Commission website
  3. Responsibility is on the charity to submit a complete and accurate application form.
  4. If your application does not meet our criteria we are unable to give specific responses to each application we do not proceed with.